When to Vaccinate

Many parents may believe that the U.S. vaccine schedule can be very overwhelming since child are given vaccines from the moment they are born. There are alternative vaccine schedules that parents can choose to follow if they feel that the standard one is too much on their child.

From the moment a baby is born, they are given vaccinations to protect them from all of the harmful pathogens that they could encounter. It is thought that newborns should get vaccinated as soon as they are born since their immune systems will not be strong enough to fight off infection if they encounter one. The early vaccination can provide protection until their bodies have built up a good immune system.

Some families may believe that these early and frequent immunizations may be too much for their children, so they can discuss what their best options are with their health care provider.

Below is the current standard for a vaccine schedule, provided by the World Health Organization.

Vaccination Schedule provided by the World Health Organization
Vaccination Schedule provided by the World Health Organization
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