Laws/Informed Consent

All states have their own laws as to what requirements or exemptions are needed for a child to attend school or other functions. It is important to know your state laws so that you can make informed decisions as to what is best for your family for the area that you reside in.

You have the right to reach out in your community to find resources that will help you to learn what vaccines are required for certain activities, what exemptions your state allows, and where you can find information on the vaccines themselves. The more research you do on vaccines and the laws involving vaccinations where you live, it will be easier for you to make a decision on what path your family should take in regards to vaccination.

Don’t hesitate to ask your healthcare provider for the package insert that comes with the vaccine to find out all the information on the vaccine, that way you can give informed consent on being vaccinated. Also, some other resources could be your state’s web page as well as getting a hold of your local school to determine what vaccines are recommended for your children to have while attending school and if the school offers any non-medical exemptions for your child such as religious or philosophical beliefs.

vaccination map
U.S. Vaccination Map from NVIC

These laws are based on New Hampshire law.

  • Parents have the right to not vaccinate their children in NH with signed notification from their doctor if they have a medical condition that contraindicates with vaccinations
  • Parents have the right to not vaccinate their children with their own signed note stating that the child was not vaccinated due to religious beliefs
  • When getting vaccinated you have the right to ask for the vaccine package insert to get all the necessary information needed to decide whether or not you choose to get that vaccine

New Hampshire School Immunization Requirements provided by the Department of Health and Human Services

The National Vaccine Information Center can be a great resource for finding out what your state’s laws are when it comes to vaccinating.

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