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Biomedical Science and Health Care

            My program will be called Biomedical Science and Health Care. I have decided to combine the medical field of nursing, biological sciences, and health education together to make a comprehensive Biomedical Science major that can be applied to Health Care. I have chosen to combine these different areas together because these health-related fields merge together seamlessly and they allow for me to learn about human health and the body in all aspects. My program is different than any other program available at Plymouth State University because it ties together the components of studying the human body and its functions, how to be involved with and care for patients, as well as how to educate and promote a healthy lifestyle for patients. The goal of this degree is to allow me to work in the healthcare industry and potentially earn a Master’s degree in the medical field.

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Introduction to Interdisciplinary and Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar are a part of my contract because they will teach me to prepare and carry out the major that I am building. Both classes will help guide me through using my major in the most productive way possible.

I have chosen to take Statistics I as my QRCO. This class focuses on teaching the relationship between numbers and variables. This is the form of mathematics that is used in the medical and health care community because patients and medical conditions are often compared to one another through the use of statistics.

I have decided to choose Wellness Choices for a Healthy Active Lifestyle because the focus of this class is to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. I can use this information for myself as well as promoting these ideas to others. The main ideas taught in this class are healthy eating, exercise, and stress management. This is information that I can share with clients in order for them to change to a healthier way of being.

Human Anatomy and Physiology II is a class where students learn all about the biological structure and functions of the human body, including all the organ systems as well as the bone structure.  It is important with a Biomedical Science and Health Care degree to have a solid foundation of how the human body works. In order to promote healthy living, I must first understand the biological side of the body. I have also included Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory II to the contract. This lab based class coincides with the lecture portion of the class and includes the hands-on aspect of learning about the human body. This includes dissections and models. I have chosen these two classes because they have given me the opportunity to learn about the functions of the human body in depth and visualize how the different processes work.

Biochemistry for Nurses is a class where I learned about different biochemical processes that occur in relation to the human body. The class goes over different chemical concepts that are very important to the health care field. It is imperative to understand how the body works on a chemical level so that I will have a solid foundation for how the body deals with the process of taking in nutrition as well as the rest of the body’s functions.

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Microbiology for Nurses is a class that taught me about disease and human health. It will be essential to understand how microorganisms can cause disease and infection, that way I can help to prevent these conditions with my patients. It is also important that I know how microorganisms interact with humans and what kind of bacteria cause diseases.

Health Assessment is a lab and lecture based class that taught me how to give a physical examination. This includes the skills of performing and interpreting vital signs on a person, as well as identifying different skin conditions and injuries. I learned how to assess the overall health of a person to discover if there are any areas of concern. This is important to a Biomedical Science and Health Care major so that I will know if there is something wrong with the patient that I will be working with.

Pathophysiology is a class that taught me about disease processes in the human body. Students learn about many different diseases and how they are presented. It is important to be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of a disease as well as how the disease is affecting the body as a whole. By learning this, I will be able to help patients seek proper treatment.

Life Span Developmental Psychology is a class where I learned how people go through different phases of their lives from a psychological point of view. This will help me better understand where people are developmentally. By knowing where they are on a mental level, I will be able to better connect with them and explain certain situations to them.

Pharmacology is a class where I learned how to use medication in order to treat diseases. The content covers all the different ways that medications affect a person and how they work in the body. This will be important information when working in the health care field because many of the patients will be using medications that they may not understand and may need further guidance. It will also prepare me for furthering my education in the medical field.

Health and Wellness of Older Adults is a class that taught me how to care for an older adult. It also discusses many of the disease processes that an older adult is likely to go through and how to manage their condition. Also, it teaches how to communicate with family members in order to provide the best possible care for the older adult. This is important for a Biomedical Science and Health Care major because it taught me a lot of different communication skill sets that work well with people of different age groups as well as knowing when there is a health issue with an older person.

Introduction to Patient Centered Care is a class that taught me to care for patients while taking all of their needs into consideration. The course teaches students how to work with patients safely and effectively. This is needed for my degree so that I can have a solid foundation to interact with different people in the health care community and make sure that all of their needs are being met to the fullest extent.

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Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living is a class that taught me about nutrition and how to make the best decisions for a healthy lifestyle.  It also goes into the biological aspects of how the body takes in and processes food and the structures of the internal organs.  It also teaches about being active and maintaining nutritional wellness. This is important so that I can live a healthy lifestyle as well as properly promote living a healthy lifestyle to future clients through dietary changes and physical activity.

Obesity- Biology and Society is a class that taught me about the health concerns having to do with obesity. Obesity causes many disease processes that greatly affect peoples’ lives. This is important to understand so I can help guide people with obesity to making healthier choices and understand the stigma that can goes along with this health condition. This class teaches all of the biological functions that happens in the body while a person is ingesting, absorbing, and digesting food.

Women’s Health Issues is a class that will teach me about the overall health of women and how to deal with certain disorders that are prevalent in that gender.  This is important because I will be working with many women who are going to be facing some of these complications and I will have a better understanding how to help and guide them down the right path to finding health and wellness in their lives.

Drug Behavior is a class that will teach me about how drugs affect a person’s overall health. Learning about physical and mental health when it comes to drug use can help me understand the best way to help a person who is having trouble controlling their use of a medication or drug. It will also help teach me the different options that I can give to patients in order to seek treatment for addiction and other issues with medications.

A Biomedical Science and Health Care degree is interdisciplinary because it incorporates several different forms of science in order to build a full picture of human health. My program is going to prepare me to go into a medical field where I will be working with people that are experiencing many different health issues. Creating a Biomedical Science and Health Care degree is the best way to be able to provide rounded care to meet all of these patients’ needs. All of the classes that I have chosen for this program complement each other to build a comprehensive view of how the human body works.


As I have continued to work on my degree over the past few years, I have seen tremendous growth in myself as well as my academics. Changing majors to IDS has allowed me to explore more interconnected areas than I was able to before. Coming into IDS I was set on following a medical career, but since I was able to incorporate different areas into my major, I have learned that I am more interested in health promotion and advocacy work. I found this change in my interests when I began to incorporate health promotion and education classes into my degree.

Going into this major was a difficult choice at first but now I can see how much it has changed my life. I am no longer stressed about classes, but excited to take them. This degree is also going to help prepare me to further my education onto a master’s degree, which I am hoping to go into education so that I can help other people learn more about health care, so they too can help others.

Although I have changed my focus on what area of health care I want to work in, it was important for me to learn the foundations of the health care system through nursing classes before I began to learn about being an advocate. IDS has allowed me to round my education from all aspects so that I can confidently help patients that are going through the worst of times.

This semester I am focusing on classes that promote health as I feel it is important to be healthy myself to lead by example. By taking classes such as First Aid, CPR, and AED, Principles of Health, and Yoga, I am learning different techniques to help people in all aspects, whether it be in an emergency situation or to finding a better way to live a healthier lifestyle. I feel as though I will be well-prepared to begin a career helping others from the combination of classes I have chosen to take over my four years at PSU.

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