How Vaccines Work

Vaccines introduce an infectious agent to the human body, without the person actually having to get sick. Once the body recognizes that there is a foreign material inside, antibodies are created so that the body can defend itself from the potential disease. Once the body has built up these antibodies, you should have protection from catching the actual disease form other people you come in contact with. Depending on the vaccination, a booster shot may be required so that your body can maintain the same level of immunity (Vaccine Information).

Type of Vaccines:

  • Live Attenuated: weakened form of the virus, can cause lifelong immunity
  • Inactivated: killed virus, will need boosters for continued immunity
  • Subunit/Recombinant: targets a specific part of the virus. potential for needing a booster
  • Toxoid: protects against the part of virus that causes disease, potential for needing a booster
  • For further information, visit Vaccine Types
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