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The general focus on my IDS major is being able to provide comprehensive care in a healthcare setting. I have built a program based upon nursing, biology, and health education. I have called my program Biomedical Science and Healthcare. By putting together my IDS Major, I was able to combine all the fields of study that I am interested in and will give me a different point of view rather than if I had been studying in just one field.

For my applied project, I chose to build a website that contained the information a person needs to know when making the decision to get vaccinated or not. I thought that this could be a good and thorough resource for families to look at so they can make an informed decision. I chose to do this project because I personally have always felt that I never knew enough about vaccines. If I felt that way, other people must too, right? Every time I go to a doctor, I receive the latest vaccine, but I am never told anything about it. Not only does providing resources for other people help them make a decision, but the research I had to do to put the website together gave me all the information I need to know as well.

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For my research article, I chose to look into why people are choosing not the vaccinate in the U.S. I decided on this topic at the beginning of the semester because in recent years, one of the most controversial debates right now is whether or not to get vaccinated. Vaccine related stories are on the news daily and posted all over social media. I wanted to research this topic because I felt that it could really help to bring all my different majors together into one program. Vaccines are a very complicated controversy and I was able to combine the medical field, with the science behind how vaccines work, and how healthcare providers are educating and promoting vaccines. It really was the perfect topic that seamlessly combined all my areas of focus.

Taking a full semester to study vaccines for both my applied and research project allowed for me to learn about every aspect of the subject from different angles. Both projects took very different viewpoints on the topic so it rounded out my education and allowed me extensively research a huge field. I feel as though this as a very important project to do as I bring my senior year to a close. After everything I have learned over the past four years, I was finally able to bring it all together into a project that I was truly interested and invested in. These projects allowed me to see that my major doesn’t only make sense in my mind, but is applied in endless ways in the real world as well.

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Matt Cheney
May 8, 2019 at 5:30 pm

What a wonderful summary of your work! Your focus throughout this term has allowed you get a real sense of the depth of a topic (vaccines) that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, and it really shows in your projects. It’s thrilling to see how all of your research has come together in multiple ways. Look at all you’ve done!

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