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Applied Project Prospectus

 Vaccinations have become a very hot topic in the United States over the years, but recently it has become more heated than ever. So many people across the nation have been deciding not to vaccinate their children and I want to know what influenced their decision on this topic. I am looking to answer the complex question of what the opinions are of the people living in the rural community of Plymouth are on the controversial topic of vaccinations.

 Since vaccinations have been making national headlines for some time now, I want to know what is going on right in my own community to see where we stand in comparison to everyone else. I want to do this project so that I can learn how the people in my own community feel about vaccinating their children and themselves to see how we compare to other communities around the country. To incorporate my interdisciplinary work, I would like to find out why and how certain feel about the topic through a medical point of view, then depending on the results of the interviews, combine the aspect of health education and promotion to get them the information that they need to make a truly educated and informed decision about vaccinations.

 I would like to post my findings to my eport. I will be adding a new page to my eport where the interview results will be posted as well as adding an informational source for people in the community to be able to look at and see what the facts are and what the science and research is saying about vaccinations. This way the people of the Plymouth area can have access to this information that can help them make their decision on whether to vaccinate or not, rather than relying on rumor and unproved theories.

 I will know if my project is successful if I find out that people around here are choosing not to vaccinate due to myths or other false beliefs and I can provide them with the proper education to make them think more deeply about their decision, whether they choose to follow what the research says or not. It is not my intent to change peoples’ views or mind on what they should do but allow them to consider all their options thoughtfully, so they can be confident that they have chosen the best path for themselves and their family.  

 My IDS educational career has prepared me for this project in so many ways. Having a solid base in nursing and biology, I have had the opportunity to learn about vaccinations from the medical aspect as well as how they are made and work within the human body. After taking health education and promotion classes, I have now learned how I can find where there is a gap in the education in an area and try to fill that with the necessary information, rather than reteaching topics that people already know about vaccinations. I feel that I am not ready to incorporate all my knowledge to bring this project together.


2/20-2/27: Choose people to interview, Come up with interview questions

2/27-3/6: Conduct interviews

3/6-3/13: Type up interviews, evaluate interviews and determine what kind of education would be useful for the public

3/13-3/27: Start putting together educational information on website for community to access, Work on putting it into an easy to comprehend information in an easy to read format

3/27-4/10: Finish putting together all interview and educational information into one place online into a comprehensive project

4/23: Final draft of project on eport

Research Project Prospectus

I am working on the topic of vaccinations because I want to find out what the health concerns are with both vaccinating and not vaccinating children in order to help my reader better understand why parents choose to either vaccinate their children or not. This topic is important to me because I want to understand both sides of the argument as to why or why not parents choose to vaccinate their children. This is important to my field and my community, since it effects the whole world when people are not vaccinated, causing very controversial health concerns. I have a personal interest in this topic because I would like to know what kind of decisions that I should be making for myself as well as my future family.

I am looking to write my paper for the parents and families in the rural Plymouth community. Many medical professionals understand the complications and controversies having to do with vaccinations so now I would to review studies and break them down into comprehensible information so that the lay person will be able to know what happened in the studies and what the conclusions are. Through my research, I am hoping to determine what the health complications are associated with vaccines as well as what the benefits are. I also want to know what kind of an impact they have had on our society, both the good and the bad.

I would like to do a meta analysis research paper. I think that by getting my information from studies will give me the most accurate information regarding what has actually been proven to answer my questions. I plan to take a compilation of studies and compare results to come a conclusion on all the benefits and harmful aspects of vaccinations.

          Some questions I am looking to ask are:

  • What is the likelihood of contracting disease without vaccinations?
  • What are complications of a vaccination?
  • Do vaccinations cause more harm than good?
  • Are vaccinations right for everyone or are there certain people that shouldn’t get them?

Key Terms:

  • Vaccinations, antivaxxers, immunizations, immunity, immunization induced illness, side effects

Library Databases:

  • Medline
  • Academic Search Premier
  • Health Source


2/20-2/27: Gather and read sources, pull important information from each one

2/27-3/6: Begin putting together précis and outline

3/6: Post Précis

3/13-3/27: Write essay including hyperlinked citation

3/20: Post outline

3/27-4/9: Complete initial essay and work on redrafting sections

4/10: Post completed draft on eport

4/11-4/22: Make revisions to completed draft for the final draft

4/23: Post final draft to eport

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Matt Cheney
February 20, 2019 at 9:24 pm

Some good ideas here. “General population” is not a specific enough audience for your paper, though. It needs to be a specific audience than needs academic/professional information. Continue to think about what kind of paper you are writing, as well: meta-analysis, researched proposal, research report…

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