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A personal learning network is a tool that anyone can use to connect with others from the fields that they are interested in or work in. This allows for the person to stay up to date on information in their field as well as learn and share their own work with others. I chose to use Twitter for my PLN. Since I am interested in health care and biology, I have included many doctors, medical institutes, and biologists on my PLN. This has allowed me to see what amazing things are currently going on in the medical community that I never would have known about otherwise. I have built my PLN by retweeting interesting articles that I have read and by giving my own feedback and knowledge that I have on the topic so others can see my point of view. I have also made sure to tweet about my experience in Interdisciplinary Studies and share the posts that I have been writing on my eport. By sharing my work, I can allow other people to read about IDS and learn more about it.

Twitter has allowed me to connect with many doctors, researchers, and other health care professionals to become more engaged in this field that I am looking to go into after graduation. My PLN has been essential to furthering my education and being my own academic advocate when it comes to merging different fields together. Although I am getting a great experience at PSU, Twitter has allowed me to see what is going on outside of our small community. Unfortunately, there is not a whole lot going on directly in my community as far as Biomedical Science goes. I live in a small town where one hospital treats all of the surrounding areas. Besides our one hospital and university, there is not much research going on locally, so using my PLN has let me see what is going on everywhere else.

Although Twitter allowed me to see what was going on in the medical community around the globe, I don’t feel like I was completely successful in getting my work out to the world. As I continue to use my PLN after graduation, I am going to have to work much more diligently to get more followers and make sure that my thoughts and work are getting out there as well. I think the biggest issue I had with this is not having a large amount of followers to retweet my work as I do others. I think this will be an easy fix though, as time goes on and I continue to tweet and retweet, my network will grow bigger, especially once I enter the workforce and begin to meet people in the fields I am interested in.

Please take a minute to view the moment I have created from my Twitter feed below! It does not contain all my tweets, likes, and retweets, but it does show some of my favorites!

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