More Evidence to Support the Retraction

While spending some time working on my PLN, I came across a study that is not only super important to what is going on in our country today, but also connects so well with my research and applied projects for my senior capstone. I found a study that has worked to see if there is a connection between MMR vaccine and Autism, since the retraction of Andrew Wakefield’s study became so publicized, other researchers decided to see if there was any standing on the subject. Read the study here for more information.

To touch upon the history of this controversy, Andrew Wakefield along with other scientists were doing a study on the MMR vaccine. It is said that Wakefield made financial gains from publishing that there was a proven link between the MMR vaccine and the onset of Autism in children. When this came to light, he retracted his study, losing medical credentials.

With such a controversial topic, it only makes sense to test it again and see if there really is any connection between the two. A study in Denmark has concluded that they did not find any link with the MMR vaccine causing Autism. This supports that the retraction was done for the greater good of the public.

Unfortunately, this theory has still stuck, even though the original source was deemed not credible and there has been new studies to show that there is no scientific evidence of this connection. Many parents are choosing to not vaccinate their children with the MMR vaccine because they are concerned of their child developing Autism. Maybe now that more science is continuing to disprove this idea, more parents will begin to change their opinions on this vaccine?

Hviid A, Hansen JV, Frisch M, Melbye M. Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism: A Nationwide Cohort Study. Ann Intern Med. [Epub ahead of print ] doi: 10.7326/M18-2101

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